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Thierry Betbeze, CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet

Teterboro, New Jersey-USA

 Mr. Betbeze was named CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet in 2019. Over the course of his career, he has been influential in numerous high-profile aircraft export deals, including several multi-billion Euro Mirage and Rafale projects with foreign air forces. He also orchestrated the financing of a wide variety of Falcon business jet sales to corporations and governments in Europe, the Middle East, CIS and Latin America. 

Mr. Betbeze began his career at Dassault Aviation in 1984 as a cost accountant, later working in export financing with a wide range of responsibilities including treasury and currency hedging, before being promoted to Senior Vice President, Finance in 2004. In that role, he was also responsible for relations with the French Ministry of Finance. In 2016, he was named Senior Vice President of Finance at Dassault Falcon Jet. 

Mr. Betbeze is a recipient of the Medal of Aeronautics from the French Defence Ministry. 

Mr. Betbeze is a French citizen and resides in Manhattan with his wife. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from France’s Ecole Supérieur de Commerce et de Management (ESCEM). 

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