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Falcons Fighting Covid-19

Saint-Cloud, France

A storm is really upon us now. I’m sure it’s true where you live and work. But in spite of all the current disruptions, Dassault customer support operations continue, while observing proper precautions of course. And, I am happy to report that morale is still high. Parts of our organization are operating with rotating shifts or teleworking. Our worldwide company-owned MROs are open and servicing aircraft, though the status of individual locations may vary. The Wilmington service center, for example, has had to pause their activities but is preparing to reopen very shortly, on April 20.

Our global Command Center, Operational Support and Documentation are all ready to support you. Field service reps and engineering support are also available to assist you; and parts and technicians can also be dispatched when needed. We welcome your calls and requests.

It is heartening to see the business aviation community mobilizing around the world to bring vital aid where it is needed. Along those lines, allow me to relate how Dassault Aviation is contributing to this effort.

We have volunteered two Falcons, an 8X and one of our Falcon 900 FalconResponse aircraft, as transportation for medical workers — our front-line troops — to wherever they need to go.

Both aircraft were made available to the French Air Force for the duration of the crisis, supporting the government’s Operation Resilience. Missions have already been carried out.

A company Falcon 7X is also responding to requests by Aviation Sans Frontières (Aviation Without Borders), to move medical teams. In a very short time, Dassault has transported more than 60 emergency medical workers.

Allow me to say how immensely proud I am of our Dassault flight crews and dispatchers who are staffing these missions. I also want to thank our line crews, managers and technicians at DFS Le Bourget who are helping to launch these missions and service the aircraft.

At the same time, we are far from alone in offering assistance in this time of great need. We have heard from many generous Falcon customers who are using their airplanes to carry personnel and materials to support vital relief efforts.

The aviation community is again rising to a great challenge. We, at Dassault, will continue to do our part.

Take care and stay safe, my friends.

Jean Kayanakis

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network
Dassault Aviation

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